More than 3000 citizens went in Berlin to demonstrate against the Merkel’s politics. The German folk shows its will to stop Merkel. This big meeting occured before March 13 the day when everything should change in Germany. In 3 Landtage the folk is voting.  Baden-Württemberg, Rheinland-Pfalz und Sachsen-Anhalt. The party AfD should change on Sunday March 13 the political field. But AfD activists doubt that the elections will happen in a democratical way. They fear for the manipulation of voting rules. The organization Einprozent, German patriots wanting a change in the country, call their activists to control the election on March 13. The nowadays elite in Germany with Merkel refuse to show the German flag.


Manipulation of the elections a reality? During March 12 the city of Freibug already published the result of the election of March 13. On the publications the AfD is the loser and it made a scandal on the Internet. We have made a copy of those publications before it was put away.

AfD wants to save the German identity and its flag. During the elections for the Bundestag 2013 Angela Merkel, CDU, took the German flag  from the hands of a German deputy and threw it away.


During a TV talk-show the 18th October 2015 Björn Höcke (AfD), chief of the AfD
for Thuringe, got out from his bag a small German flag and showed it. Close to Höcke we see the minister of justice making a face ” as if he were dracula who had
suddenly seen the cross”,  said Höcke in this video.