Tuesday 1st March 2016, Volker Beck, Grüne, was controlled by the police in Berlin. Beck had in his pocket Crystal Meth and was coming from a dealer. Beck, ist deputy in the Bundestag since 1994, was chief of the office for human rights, chief for the protection of children although he is a pedophile (Beck wrote a book explaining his wisches towards children and his wish to change the German law). Volker Beck always wanted to legalize pedophilie in the German law. A dentist in Berlin explained that many children are working in Berlin as prostitute and they have destroyed teeth because of Crystal Meth.

Pedophilia movies. The 7th Februry 2014 the deputy, Sebastian Edathy, SPD, left the Bundestag because he was involved in buying pedophilia movies on his laptop directly in the Bundestag. Edathy wasn’t put into jail. Edathy is no more deputy. Edathy was in the Bundestag during 15 years and got 2028 euros per month. In 2028 Edathy will be retired and will get his pension of 3500 euros per Month.

Protected. Beck and Edathy got protections from their political parties. The chief of the SPD warned Edathy that the police will visit his office and flat. The police could not find his computer and relevant proofs. Beck is protected by his Green party. “We must help Beck“, say important figures from the Green party.