Germany wants to forbid the NPD. It is not the first try. But Germany has never been able to forbid the NPD even if the State and its elite (media, politics, justice) declare that the NPD is neonazi. The same critics occured against the AfD where the same elite declare wanting to forbid the AfD because it is, up to them, also nazi. When a political party disturb the system it is nazi and has to be forbidden! The German democracy goes wrong!

Secret Service and NPD. 2003 the German State did try to forbid the NDP. It was stopped because the main accused where agents working for the state. Isn’t it the proof that the NPD is a state organ? A fake political party? A political party made by the police and secret services? Isn’t it the proof that the NPD is a trap for German patriots where they can be spied and listed? When some German patriots are becoming a danger for the system the State shows pictures and calls them nazi! At the end of the Second Wolrd war the NPD has been created by the UK service secret. NPD simply a fake?

Do we have a justice in Germany? After the show made with the NPD we can have doubts about the working justice in Germany. 2 judges from the constitutional court, Peter Müller and Peter Hüber, both CDU, were already in the past engaged against the NPD. The NPD did recall it yesterday in front of the court but the constitutionnal court did not want to notice it. The German justice does what it wants! Huber, CDU, as he was the justice minister in Thuringe from November 2009 to November 2010 asked several several times to forbid the NPD. Müller who was the Prime minister of Sarres, CDU, expressed his position against the NPD. Huber and Müller because of their political position in a Land got orders from the Constitutional protection authorities to put spies in the NPD. Other constitutional judges got their position after a vote between other judges instead of being elected in the discussion in the Bundestag! Is the German justice not a fake?

In Germany it is possible to forbid a political party just if this one goes against the paragraf 21 of the basic law (Grundgesetz). « if a political party menaces to limit the basis of the democracy and of the libery or to destroy those principles or to put Germany in danger, this party has to be fordbidden ». When we read that explanation we understand that in a matter of fact the SPD, the CDU, die Grünen, are the parties which have to be forbidden. In fact the NPD disturbs the establishment.