Things show that the future US-president coud be Trump or Clinton. What is democracy in the United-States? Trump gambles on the menace of islam and on the problems made by the migrants coming to the USA without legal papers. In that matter Trump points out the finger at the Mexicans. Trump want to let building a big wall on the cost of the Mexican State. Clinton gambles on the Blacks in order to get voices. Trump doesn’t hesitate to use racist slogans and to have on TV show some supporters with KKK tee-shirts. On a TV interview the former Mexican president, Vicente Fox, considered Trump just similar to Hilter at his beginning.

Trump and Soros. Trump, who praises the come back of the American power, should have been helped by the star investor Soros to build his Chicago skyscraper up to the newspaper https://www.conservativereview.com/commentary/2016/02/trump-pals-around-with-george-soros. In 2009 Trump was celebrating the christmas night with Soros. In order to finance his biggest tower in Chicago Trump worked together with Soros. Up to some observers Trump just make business and to make business you do not need to see the color of the money. Soros fell in love in London in the philosophy of Karl Popper and this explains why Soros create NGOs all over the world to change the world. Yesterday during a Trump’s meeting black people belonging to the BlackLivesMatter disrupted the meeting shouting slogans against Trump.


Were they sent by Soros? Trump is the man to be shot down? Trump the man who wants to cut the plan of the trilateral? Trump really wants to bring back America in a good shape? Soros, who made everything to put away Bush financing Obama, is fearing to see Trump as a president?