The report about poverty has been published today. Experts and media talk about a positive situation because Poverty has fallen by 0.1 %! Champagne now! It is disgusting. The German government import migrants, build new flats and even houses for the migrants but let dying its own people. 6 million people, without considering the number of migrants, live with Hartz IV. If the German government speak about 6 million poor people it does mean we have twice more because the government doesn’t give the true number. With 6 million people living with Hartz IV Germany has 12 million poor people. It may be considered that 30 million live in poverty in Germany without calculating the migrants who arrived last year and who are still coming.

Every fifth inhabitant in the Rhur is poor. The Ruhr is a big problem in Germany up to the media. But what about the situation in Berlin? Bremen? In Brandenburg?

There is a reason why the Nursing services work with the Plastination !