Up to the Newspaper Nord Littoral civilian task force has been launched by the population of Calais to rule and to protect their population in the city of Calais. «Migrants have been attacked last wednesday by unknown men», said Maya who works in an hostel for migrants in Calais. Just like in Germany the people organizes its self-defense when the state let its own people in danger. The attack on migrants happened the day when the officials forbab the demonstration of Pegida France which was planed on February 6th. The people of France is aware that it can’t get support from the state and therefore organizes its own militias. The jungle of Calais is called the «Soweto» of the North. The French state runs its politics under the orders of the Agenda 21 and of the UNO.

Hooded men. Nord Littoral talks about «many hooded men» who were wearing dark clothes coming out of cars and kicking, punching, hitting migrants with iron bars. Nord Littoral talks about fascists and observe a raise of violence in Calais amongst the people. Like in Germany the people organizes itself against crime and violence.