To read! Very important! The United States of America wants to oblige us to sign the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) without we have the opportunity to know what we have to find inside that commercial agreement. The today situation in Germany is very dangereous for England and for every country in Europe. The reason? Germany is not a sovereign country. Germany has always been up today an occupied country by the US. The Bundestag is not a parliament!Deputies of the Bundestag aren’t deputies! Angela Merkel is not a Chancellor of Germany but an instance chosen by the US administration. The European Parliament in Brussel and in Strasbourg is just like the Bundestag. European deputies are just like the German deputies no deputies but workers of the US corporation or of the US firm.



Deputies under strict control like in a jail. The legal content of the TTIPP has come to Berlin. German deputies have the right to read the document. But as we see it in the German TV report they have to go a special room. The document has to be read in English. The deputies must leave their mobile, booknotes, pens. They must use a pen given by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, they don’ have the right to cpy the docuement, to print, to make pictures, to record, to write per hand long part of the document. If they do it they are menaced to be accused.