«We are the German folk, we must give to our German children a German future within Europe », says Höcke during an AfD meeting in Jena the 20th of January 2016. Höcke denounces the poverty in Germany, «2,8 million of children live in poverty in Germany! 12,3 million of people live under the line of poverty». Germany wakes up!

Changement inside the media. Media are living a change. The wave is to be observed in those media. This wave is destroying the so called official media, those media which do not report about the facts. This wave considers those official media as the «Lügenpresse» (lying press). «To make his suitcase or to look for a new job? The crash of the media. Our media, so called officials, are falling down. The new selling records show it and they have never been before so bad. As an exemple the F.A.Z lost since 2010 more than 25% of its readers», writes Udo Ulfkotte.

Wave within the politics. «Survey shock in Hamburg, SPD loses support among voter groups. AfD has doubled its voters. AfD wins every day support and seems to afraid the official media. Old political parties have served. In the time of political election in Baden-Württemberg and in Rheinland-Pfalz old parties decided to forbid the AfD to take part on live debates. Again a violation against free speech.

The changement and the wave. Germany has had in 1989 its first geographical change after the WWII. Germany lives now a political change. A wave is moving inside the folk on that purpose. Everything should change very fast in the country.